1. WeChat Setup

In order to post to WeChat via eQuest and push jobs to your official WeChat account and its subscribers, you must first configure WeChat within eQuest.

To do so, you will need your WeChat API Key and API Secret.

Below is a tutorial on how you can acquire your API Key/ID (应用ID and API Secret (应用密钥)

1. Log in to your official account as an administrator:

Login URL: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/cgi-bin/loginpage?t=wxm2-login&lang=zh_CN


2. Select "Developer Center" 开发者中心 on the left side of navigation menu.


3. Here you can write down your API ID number, which you'll need to get the API Secret code.

Click on Show complete API Secret button"(完整显示).


4. A QR code screen will pop up after you click "Show the API Secret". The Administrator should use their WeChat device to scan the QR code for verification.

5. The Administrator will then be directed to this screen on within the WeChat app for verification purposes. Click on the green button to confirm. 


6. Verification should now be complete. 



7. Now click on the "Show the complete key" button; your API Secret should pop up. 


Optional: you can manage the subscriber subgroups within your WeChat account:



9. Now you will need to configure a WeChat Board Instance within the eQuest admin portal using your API Key and API Secret.

10. Finally, assign WeChat Permissions to your eQuest Posting Accounts. 

Once that is done you should be able to push a daily job digest to your WeChat account via eQuest.

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