2. Facebook Setup (US ONLY)

This article describes how to add eQuest's Facebook application to your company Facebook page.


  • The individual handling the configuration must be logged into the same Facebook account that's linked to the company page
  • That person should also have Facebook AND eQuest admin account access to carry out the configuration below
  • In order to install the Custom Page Tabs - the company Page must have at least 2,000 followers (Facebook requirement)
  • Facebook mobile apply is not supported for this integration

Configuration in eQuest Admin (and in Facebook)

  1. While logged into your Facebook company account (w/Facebook admin permissions)  go to admin.equest.com
  2. After logging in, select the "Boards" option
  3. Select "New Board" button (green button — upper right)
  4. Select "Facebook" as the "Job Board"
  5. Click the green "Get Facebook Careers Page id" button (you'll end up on Facebook)
  6. While in Facebook, select the desired page from the dropdown and click "Add Page Tab".
  7. After being redirected back to eQuest, the Page Id should be filled in ("Get Facebook Careers Page Id" button will be gone)
  8. Enter the board name/label
  9. Sharing Logo Image URL: Insert a link to a logo which will be used for sharing. Allowed image sizes: 1200x630 or 600x315
  10. "Save" the board setup in eQuest
After these steps are complete you should see the new page tab on the Facebook menu.
Relabel the Facebook tab in page settings as desired (in our example at the bottom of this page we labeled it "Careers").
Steps 3 & 4

Step 6





Frequently Asked Questions

What If eQuest is Already Connected?

If during setup eQuest already shows as "Connected" in the Jobs from API Sources section — try disconnecting and then start the setup process again.

Why Can't I Get Page Id via eQuest Board Setup?

If you cannot obtain the Page Id through the process above, try this workaround:

1. While in the eQuest board setup screen (with green 'Get Facebook Careers Page Id' button), click blue "Save" button
2. This should result in the removal of the green button, and now the field will be empty
3. In a separate browser window, go to your main Facebook company page, click More, and then click About: Copy the page ID.

(page Id hidden in this screenshot)

4. While back in the eQuest board setup, paste the Id into the Page Id field and follow steps 8-10 to finish setup.

Why Can't I Access Facebook Custom Page Tabs Section or Facebook Page Settings?

Make sure you are logged into an active Facebook session, and that you have admin permissions to the company Facebook account.

Why Do I Not See An Option to install Custom Page Tabs?

In order to install the Custom Page Tabs - the company Page must have at least 2,000 followers (Facebook requirement) 


Why Isn't Mobile Apply Working?

Facebook mobile apply is not supported for this integration.

Why Can't I See the eQuest Tab During Setup in Facebook?

If you cannot see the eQuest tab that you just added it may be hidden — check "More" section. You can reorder the tabs in Facebook settings.

What Do the Jobs Look Like on Facebook?

The basic job content is displayed — title, description, posted date, req id, apply now button. 

There are filters displayed for country, function/category, and job type in the job list as well as a search option.

Why Are Only 300 Of Our Jobs Visible on Facebook?

While the limit of 300 may be displayed within the filters when posting more than 300 jobs, all jobs are actually available on the Facebook custom page — it's just not indicated correctly on the filter. We will look into fixing this if within our control. 

How Often Are Jobs Pushed to Facebook?

The jobs should be visible within a few seconds of the time they are posted via eQuest.

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