2. Facebook setup overview

This article describes how to add eQuest application to your company Facebook page.


You will need to have admin access to your Facebook company page to carry out the following steps.

Facebook does not support mobile apply. 

Per Facebook, in order to install Custom Page Tabs a Page must have at least >2,000 followers.

While in the eQuest admin tool (Boards section):

  1. Create a New Board instance. Select "Facebook" as the Job Board.
  2. Click "Get Facebook Careers Page id" (you'll be brought out to Facebook).
  3. After authentication, select the desired page from the dropdown and click "Add Page Tab".
  4. After redirect back to admin, the Page Id will be prefilled (the "Get Facebook Careers Page Id" button will be gone)
  5. While back in the New Board Instance setup, enter a board name
  6. OPTIONAL  Logo Image URL: You can insert a link to logo image, which will be used for sharing. Allowed image sizes are 1200 x 630 or 600 x 315
After these steps you will see the eQuest app on your page in tabs (it may be hidden under "more" section).

Relabel the Facebook tab in page settings as desired (in our example at the bottom of this page we labeled it "Careers").

Admin View — Steps 1 & 2

Facebook View — Step 3

Example Job on Facebook within Facebook "Careers" tab

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