1. XING_batch Setup

XING offers three different types of job posting:

  • Text - this is a plain text posting
  • Logo - this is a plain text posting + support for a customer logo (see step #6)
  • Design - html support (not available through eQuest)

Setup Instructions

1. In eQuest Admin: Create a "XING_batch" board instance — enter Board Name, select "Regular" Inventory and "Save" (expect validation errors for "Pin" and "Order")

2. Click the green "Sign in XING" button that is presented after your initial save attempt

3. In XING: Log into the XING account that you will use for job posting via eQuest.

Once logged in, you will see a Pin (see screenshot below)

4. Copy the XING PIN and enter it into the eQuest PIN field (see step 1 above), and "Save" the board setup again.
Please do not move on to step 5 and enter the Organization Id and Order. These must be completed as unique steps. 

5. Next, enter the "Organization Id" and "Order" number values provided by XING

6. Select the XING account "Type" — if "Logo", toggle to the Advanced tab in the setup box and enter the URL of the Logo image

7. Save once more.  You should now have a complete XING board instance.  

NOTE: If after these steps, an Invalid credentials error is displayed, clear all fields (Organization ID, Order and Pin) and start over.

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