3. JobServe Board Specific Data


JobServe Board Specific Data

When Board Specific Data is enabled for this board, users will be prompted to make selections for the following fields:

1) ConsultantEmail (required)
2) Primary Market ID (required)
3) Secondary Market ID (optional)
4) Tertiary Market ID (optional)


JobServe now requires details of the consultant or user which owns the job being posted. This information is only used by the JobServe Back Office systems and will never be made available on the JobServe website or passed to third parties. ConsultantEmail, this must be a valid email address and conform to rules on the email domain used in relation to the company posting the job. For example Hotmail.com and gmail.com emails are only accepted in special circumstances. This does not have to be the same email address that is used in either the Email or Apply Online Email on the job. The user will be required to validate receipt of an email from JobServe within a few days of posting their first job.

Below is a screenshot of the Board Specific Data page from a user perspective.

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