1. VeryEast Overview

VeryEast Overview

Known Issues: none
eQuest Pipeline ID: VeryEast_CN
Submission Type: Incremental
Delivery Time: 3:51am PST
HTML Allowed: yes
Character Limit:


Posting Period: 30 days
Board Specific Data: yes (Category,Function,State,City,Experience)
Special Requirements: You must purchase access to the VeryEast API Service to use this automated feed.
Limitations Jobs can updated only within 3 days of posting. Also, we must use our internal Posting ID (visible to admins in Reporting > Job Search) instead of req number in the posts since VeryEast expects that number to be unique 100% of the time, this isn't possible since we allow a req to be used multiple times. As a result requisition number is not included in the postings. 
Needed for eQuest Setup:

Filename, UserID or UserID List (UserID_Selector AD)

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