5.1. Authentication and Account Provisioning

If you are performing an integration with eQuest Advantage, there are two additional required Control Parameters which will allow you to manage user accounts trivially.

Identifies the admin account for the eQuest group of which the username is a member (Generally, your ATS. eQuest Advantage does not support company accounts).
Used to authenticate the admin.

By passing this information along with the required username and password, you will allow us to automatically provision an account for the incoming user if one does not already exist.

  • If the user exists and the password is valid, we allow the user session to continue normally.
  • If the user exists but the password is invalid, we present a standard authentication error.
  • If the user does not exist we will use the values set in username and password to provision a new account for that user and allow the session to continue.

Support for this feature is required if you are integrating with eQuest Advantage.

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