3. Experience School Selections

Experience School Selections (Targeted_Affiliations)

The 'Targeted_Affiliations' field must be added by your eQuest Account Manager.  However, before this can be added, you will be required to provide us with a list of school ID's, School Names and the maximum number of schools (1-99) you would like your users to select, per post (at this time eQuest allows up to 99 selections).

Please download the Excel spreadsheet below (experience_school_list.xls) and send it back to your Account Manager. The order in which these are added on the spreadsheet is how they will display to the users.  A maximum of 100 schools can be added to this list.

When two (2) or more options are allowed, the selection box below will be displayed:

Simply clicking on the school name will select it. A countdown is displayed at the top of the box.

When only 1 option is allowed, a standard picklist is displayed.

Note: Your Experience Account Rep will provide you with the Targeted Affiliation names and ID's.



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