3. PlentyofJobs Board Specific Data

PlentyofJobs Board Specific Data

NOTE: Additional charges applied by board if any of the fields are set to yes.

When Board Specific Data is enabled for this board, users will be prompted to make selections for the following field(s):

1) Highlight and Bold job (optional) - with the bold and highlighting feature, candidates will be sure to spot your job opportunities right away
2) Branding Job (optional) - customize your job posting and stand out from the competition by adding your logo to your job posting and company profile
3) Priority Job (optional) - with the Priority Job-Auto Refresh Listing feature, your jobs will appear ahead of the other free jobs listed, on an automatically and consistently refreshed basis
4)Sponsored Job (optional) - Sponsored jobs are highlighted in rotation at the very top of the category search results

Below is a screenshot of the Board Specific Data page from a user perspective.

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