1. Monster Career Ad Network (CAN & CAN Direct)

Monster CAN (standard)

The original Monster CAN product is an enhancement to a Monster job posting that distributes that position out to the Monster Career Ad Network. This is all handled through our 'Monster.com' job board which means the CAN flag is set on the Monster side, and all jobs posted through that account are also posted to the Career Ad Network.

Setting up Monster CAN:

If you have purchased Career Ad Network postings, make sure that your Monster rep has toggled this setting in your account.  eQuest does not currently send over the CAN tag, so the Monster account setting is the only way this can work at the moment. Keep in mind that all jobs posted to that account will be considered CAN postings. 

Monster CAN Direct

Monster has an alternate product that allows a customer to advertise on the network without a corresponding job on the Monster.com site.

Setting up Monster Career Ad Network Direct:

To take advantage of this product customers will need access to 'Monster Career Ad Network Direct' (Pipeline ID 'Monster_CAN').

The credentials supplied by Monster can only used for CAN Direct. Using the same credentials for job postings and CAN Direct can cause conflicts.

Note: Monster_CAN is not the same product as standard Monster, therefore, it is not considered "core" for those ATS partners that have Monster included in their core group.

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