3. Careerbuilder Multiple Locations

Careerbuilder Multiple Locations

If your company requires the option of posting to more than one location per Careerbuilder job (up to five), you must request access to the Careerbuilder 'EnableMultiLocations' field by submitting a request to eQuest Support (admins only).

It's very important to note that each additional Careerbuilder Job Location uses a Careerbuilder transaction. For example; five Job Locations equal five Careerbuilder transactions. Also, please read about the limitation at the bottom of this article.

Once the 'EnableMultiLocations' option has been added by the eQuest support team, you will need to set both the 'Board Specific Data' and 'EnableMultiLocations' options to 'Yes'.

Once this has been set up, your users will be presented with 5 Job Location fields. The first Job Location will be pre-populated with the location sent over in the job request by your ATS.


Note: Careerbuilder multiple locations feature is for USA location only.


The eQuest quota counter and monthly reporting will not track the additional locations. Our system will only track the initial post. For example, if one of your users posts a Careerbuilder job to San Ramon, CA, but selects Los Angeles, CA as their second Job Location, our quota counter only decreases by one, and the monthly report will only display "San Ramon, CA" as the location for this job.

This also means the Careerbuilder monthly reporting will not be in sync with the eQuest report if Multiple Locations are used.

By requesting access to the 'EnableMultiLocations' option, you are confirming that you are OK with this limitation.

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