1. DiversityJobs Overview

DiversityJobs Overview

Known Issues: none
eQuest Pipeline ID: DiversityJobs
Batch Type Full Replace
Delivery Time: 6:00p PST
HTML Allowed: yes
Character Limit: Job Description 4000 characters, Requirements 4000 characters.
Posting Period: 30 days
Board Specific Data: not available
Special Requirements: The client must have an active contract with the job board and available inventory. They will also need to provide the Filename to their board representative.

If client would like to pay DiverstiyJobs per posting, they should use a different pipeline (label: DiversityJobs.com (Feed) ), please reach out to support to add it if you do not see it in your allowed board list. 
Needed for eQuest Setup: The Filename is required, but created by the client. The format is companyname_diversityjobs.
Other: --

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