1.5. Integration Requirements

Below are the basic requirements that must be met before an integration can be moved to production.

1.5.1 Field Mapping

All required parameters must be passed over in the post requests.

All job parameters must be validated before they hit eQuest.

1.5.2 Post Transactions

Users must have the ability to ADD, UPDATE and DELETE their jobs. More on Transactions.

1.5.3 Error Handling

One of the error handling methods must be implemented.

1.5.4 Connection to Multiple Accounts per Company

Clients have the ability to set up more than one posting account within eQuest. Often times each of those unique posting accounts is associated with a unique set of job board permissions. As a result, it's important that a single eQuest posting account is not hardcoded into the integration as the job board permission settings are often key to the client's decision to use eQuest.

Below are options that will enhance the integration and user experience.

1.5.5 Candidate Sourcing

When a candidate arrives at the ATS site to apply, it's useful to know which board that candidate arrived from. More on Candidate Sourcing.

1.5.6 Live URL Support

The URL at which a posting is published on a board can be retrieved via the GetPostingLiveURL SOAP method.

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