2. LinkedIn_Slots Setup Process

Setting Up eQuest Posting to LinkedIn

You will need a LinkedIn 'ContractID' and 'CompanyID' to complete your board setup within eQuest. Follow 4 steps below.

You must also authorize eQuest to post jobs on your behalf (Step One, below)

Please review the LinkedIn Guidance:  Find Your Recruiter Contract ID | Recruiter Help (linkedin.com);   Associate Your LinkedIn Company ID with the LinkedIn Job Board – FAQs | LinkedIn Help


Step One: Authorize eQuest to Post on Your Behalf

Follow the instructions provided in the article to carry out this first step.



Step Two: Get Your LinkedIn 'ContractID'

Your contract ID can be found on the LinkedIn Admin Dashboard, under the name of your organization.

In the example below, '174750' is the ContractID.



Step Three: Get Your LinkedIn 'CompanyID'

This number can be found in the URL within your Company Page on LinkedIn.

Note: you must have an admin access to be able to find it:

Go to ME>> Select the company page:

The URL will display the company page ID

In the example below, '1337' is the CompanyID.



Step Four: Enter Your ContractID & CompanyID in eQuest

Now you can enter these two values inside of your LinkedIn board instance within the eQuest Admin tool. Don't forget to Save your changes!


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