1. Jobs_CZ Overview


Jobs_CZ Overview

Known Issues: none
eQuest Pipeline ID: Jobs_CZ
Batch Type Incremental
Delivery Time (UTC): 7:35, 13:35, 15:35,17:35 
HTML Allowed: yes
Character Limit: no
Posting Period: 30 days
Board Specific Data: yes - Job Category
Special Requirements: --
Needed for eQuest Setup:


Other: After job is sent successfully to Jobs_CZ, the board only assigns this as DRAFT and recruiter must login to the board manually to change the jobs to PUBLISH

Very few clients are able to use apply URL for these boards, only if client has assessment external link active on their account. In this case eQuest needs to enable to send apply URL for the jobs. If apply URL is being sent for clients that should not use this feature all their jobs will fail.

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