1. Keljob Overview


Kel Overview

Known Issues: none
eQuest Pipeline ID: Keljob
Batch Type Full Replace
Delivery Time: 7:05a PST
HTML Allowed: no
Character Limit: no
Posting Period: 30 days
Board Specific Data: yes - Job Category, Job Location
Special Requirements: --
Needed for eQuest Setup: KeljobID
Other: Kel requires a test file for each new customer with real data information in the file in order to receive the needed information for the setup in eQuest. Therefore, first Keljob will be set up for the client using company name as the KeljobID (username). There is an additional data named 'Test_Mode' that needs to be switched to 'Yes' for the testing phase. The client needs to post a test job through our system. While in testing phase the delivery is email to 'flux@adenclassifieds.com'; once they receive the test file they provide us or the client with the valid KeljobdID. If the client doesn't want the test posting to go live we have to make sure they send a delete action before we switch 'Test_Mode' to 'No' ('active' phase) and replace the username (KeljobID) with the one provided by the board.
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