2. MOAA Batch Setup

MOAA Batch Setup

1)  Clients must register at the MOAA Career Center

     To Register with MOAA:  https://careercenter.moaa.org/employers/register/
      Company registration must include all required information, especially:     

      • Company Name
      • Contact Person
      • Company Web site
      • Email Address
      • Contact Phone

2)  Once the client has completed the company registration process within the MOAA database, the company must contact the MOAA Career Center representative and indicate that they have completed the registration process and that they are requesting permission to open a “bulkpost” account.

3)  Once the “bulkpost” account has been established, the MOAA Career Center representative will forward to the company their “bulkpost” FTP ID and FTP Password.

4)  The client who registered with MOAA will then need to request eQuest access. View 'MOAA Field Definitions' (related pages) for setup instructions once eQuest support has provided access. To request access, submit a request through the support site:


you must have a posting contract with eQuest before MOAA can be added.


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