2. Seek Multiple StandOut Logo IDs Option (ADMINS)

Multiple Seek StandOut Logo IDs

The Seek StandOut Logo ID Selector option can be used when a single Seek account has access to more than one StandOut Logo ID. The addition of the StandOut Logo ID Selector field provides users with the option of selecting from the various StandOut Logo IDs on a per post basis.

To have the StandOut Logo ID Selector option added to your account, submit a request to eQuest Support, attaching the completed 'Seek_StandOut.xls' spreadsheet (download below). eQuest support will add the StandOut Logo ID Selector.

Please submit a ticket with eQuest support when changes are needed.

Note: It's important to note that if you have more than one Seek account set up in eQuest, all accounts will see the same StandOut Logo ID Selector picklist.


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