2. Seek Character Limit

Seek has a 20000 character limit on their Job Description/Requirements/Benefits field. The job text, HTML coding and spaces are all counted as characters. When this limit is exceeded our system will display the following message with a count of how many characters the description contains.



As indicated in our message the recommended way to correct this issue is to edit the posting in your ATS and then resubmit it to eQuest. If this is not done we will truncate the posting to meet Seek's requirements.

We add the fields in the following order of priority:

  1. Job Description
  2. Required Skills
  3. Benefits

We add as much of the 'Job Description' text as possible, but if it exceeds 20000 characters we must truncate it.  If the remaining available chactacters allow for the entire 'Job Requirements', we add this field. If the 'Job Requirements' exceed the number of remaining characters, we do not include this field at all.

If we were to truncate the Requirements, they could be cut off in a spot that makes the posting look out of sorts to jobseekers.  However, if the Job Description itself exceeded 20000, we are forced to truncate this field as it's the very body of the job and must be included in some capacity.

If your job postings are exceeding the Seek limit due to the HTML encoding, the HTML will need to be removed within your ATS system at the time of the job creation.  We cannot strip out the HTML as most clients want this formatting in their postings. If we were to strip the HTML completely, it would be removed for all clients.

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