3.6. Return

Following a successful transaction, the user is redirected back to your ATS. Our application will construct a self-submitting form — submission is transparent to the user — that will perform a POST to the return_url.

The payload includes the following parameters, which will not exceed 255 characters.


Identifies the user's eQuest account.


In conjunction with username, identifies the job record.


The number of boards the job was posted to. Also, the number of "board_" parameters that follow (see following parameters).


An integer used by eQuest to track the particular board instance. This identifier is unique to every customer board setup in our application. Two instances of "Monster.com", for example, will not share the same value.


The user-defined name/label that describes the board in our UI.


A string used by our application to globally identify the board. Two instances of "Monster.com", for example, will share the same value.


Date when job should be posted to a board (scheduled posting start date) - in the format of YYYY-MM-DD (GMT). If the posting has not been scheduled, no value will be included and the posting.

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